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SSB 3003 would limit non-medical switching, a practice used by health plans that kicks Iowans off much-needed, and previously-covered, prescription medications for no medical reason.

Non-medical switching of medicines can cause adverse reactions, side effects, or complete loss of response to medication treatment. This can lead to disease progression, reduced functional capabilities and a lower quality of life for patients.

Senator Segebart, Chair of the Iowa Senate Human Resources Committee, needs to hear from you now so that SSB 3003 will be considered. This bill will ensures that Iowans are able to access the medications their physicians prescribe – but he needs to hear from you by Noon TODAY!

Call or email Senator Mark Segebart and tell him to put SSB 3003 to a vote before the Human Resources Committee today.

Senator Mark Segebart

Urge Sen. Segebart to put SSB 3003 to a Committee Vote!