Thank you for supporting legislation in Iowa that would limit non-medical switching, a practice used by health plans that kicks Iowans off much-needed, and previously-covered, prescription medications for no medical reason.

Non-medical switching of medicines can cause adverse reactions, side effects, or complete loss of response to medication treatment. This can lead to disease progression, reduced functional capabilities and a lower quality of life for patients. In fact, according to one study, within six months of a non-medical switch, rheumatoid arthritis patients incurred 42-percent more emergency room visits and 12-percent more outpatient visits.

If enacted, HF 2453 would prevent health plans from implementing the following tactics on enrollees that continue to be prescribed a currently covered drug:

  • Limiting or reducing the maximum coverage of prescription drug benefits
  • Increasing cost sharing for a covered prescription drug
  • Moving a prescription drug to a more restrictive tier
  • Removing a prescription drug from a formulary

We need your help to spread the word about this legislation to protect patients in Iowa. Please indicate if you would be willing to do any of the following: